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Aperture Natural Resources is a consulting firm committed to delivering the highest quality training for mine and tunnel rescue teams, emergency planners and unique industrial risks, as well as providing on-site services to assist with being ready for whatever emergency may beset your operations.

Feel free to contact us to see what services we can provide for your site or unique risk. 

Hazard and Threat Analysis

Aperture Natural Resources specializes in conducting analyses of industrial, commercial and other unique locations to assess hazards and potential threats to life and operations.  Assessments include fire life safety, hazardous materials, evacuation, and emergency preparedness. 


Contact us to learn about how we can meet the assessment needs for your site.  We'd be happy to make a custom solution to evaluate how you can be safer or what risks may exist.

Mine Emergency Preparedness

Mine emergencies, such as fires, medical emergencies, inundation and ground falls represent a significant threat to mine operations, and adequate preparedness can mitigate the severity of the emergency. 

Aperture Natural Resources has experience and expertise in planning for mine emergencies, training professionals on how to respond to mine emergencies and developing training materials.  Able to serve mines both large and small, surface or underground, we have the expertise ready to consult and help you be ready in the event of an emergency. 


Let us know what we can do for your mine.

Tunnel Emergency Preparedness

Tunnel fires or other emergencies represent a considerable threat to both life safety and continued interstate commerce.  Aperture NR is able to provide expert consulting and advice on both fire life safety planning and emergency planing, and preparing for emergency response.  Aperture is able and willing to consult on both road and rail tunnels, and other limited access highway locations. 

Aperture has unique expertise in consulting for highway tunnels, particularly addressing fire life safety.  Let us know what solution may work for your tunnel.  Examples of work we can do include:

  • Fire life safety assessment

  •  Fire emergency response planning

  • Interagency coordination for tunnels

  • Traffic emergency planning and hazard assessment

  • Hazardous materials planning

Industrial Emergency Preparedness

Industrial emergencies, such as fires, accidents, medical emergencies, or hazardous materials incidents can severely impact business operations and the health and welfare of employees.  Aperture Natural Resources has the expertise and skill to help be ready to reduce risk or mitigate impact from problems that may happen at your site. 

Some of the services we can provide include:

  • Assessing hazards or risks present

  • Evaluating emergency plans

  • Developing comprehensive emergency and risk management strategies

  • Coordinating with local emergency responders (Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement) to develop incident preplans and ensuring readiness for emergencies

  • Evaluating accident and incident histories to mitigate risk

  • Independent investigations of accidents or incidents to mitigate risks and develop best management practices.

Abandoned Mine Land Assessment

Aperture NR uses a team of safety professionals for assessment and evaluation of areas for suspected abandoned mine lands and assessing hazards potentially present at a given area. 


Aperture's experts have evaluated abandoned mine lands for safety and emergency response preplanning, as well as have worked identifying hazardous mine lands in a wide variety of mining districts and mine possible types. 

If you believe your property or work area may have abandoned mines present, contact us for a professional assessment and report. 

Mine Fire Consultation

Aperture's unique and modern expertise in mine and tunnel fires is available for immediate response to mine or tunnel fire emergencies to provide direct consultation on suppression actions and to assist in coordinating other emergency response actions.  Aperture is willing to work with MSHA as an owner's representative and work to fight fires effectively and safely.

Contact us early to develop a contract for response and advisory work; or in the event of a mine fire contact us immediately so we can begin working to help you fight it. 

Unconventional Hazard Assessment

Mines and tunnels are not the only hazard assessment we can do.  If your facility has any sort of unique hazard, Aperture NR is able to evaluate and try and determine what risks and hazards may be present. 

Contact us and we can see if we can develop a solution to match your needs.

Training or Drill Observation

Aperture Natural Resources is happy to provide an on-site observation, evaluation and advisory service for your program (mine, tunnel or other unique emergency response work).  We are willing and able to travel to your site, observe trainings, evaluate your team's performance and provide detailed advice to your organization. 


Some examples what can evaluate :

  • Training exercises

  • Emergency response drills

  • Emergency response plans

  • Emergency response equipment

  • Standard operating procedures, policies, field operation guides, training plans and other documents

Custom Training Preparation

Aperture Natural Resources is proud to offer a custom training design service to our clients.  Our trainings are designed to meet or exceed all MSHA and OSHA training standards, using the latest consenus standards and industry best practices.  We can design trainings for you to conduct at your site, or design trainings that we can conduct at your site or in cooperation with our partners.


Contact us so that we can work out whatever training solution is most effective for your team. 

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